below are the tracks from our last album.  They are all original songs and best of all, they are free.  Rev up those ipods and start tapping those feet.

Three Beers Live at the Wisconsin State Fair 2010

Thanks to Justin Abuya and Audlya Sound for making this fabulous recording of us live from Saz’s Ribs at the Wisconsin State Fair. 

  1. 1.Pick up the Pieces

  2. 2.Jet

  3. 3.25 or 6 to 4

  4. 4.Soul Man

  5. 5.Long Legged Woman

  6. 6.Brown eyed Girl

  7. 7.Hell

  8. 8.Evil Ways

  9. 9.Got to Groove

  10. 10.Brick House

  11. 11.Take on Me

  12. 12.Jump Jive and Wail

  13. 13.Domino

  14. 14.More today than yesterday

  15. 15.Honkin at the Amish

  16. 16.Everybody needs Somebody

  17. 17.Get down tonight